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As a child of the 70’s, Kai was exposed to R&B artists such as Earth Wind & Fire, Stevie Wonder, Prince, and Gospel artists such as Walter Hawkins. He would sit down at the piano in the basement and try to sing and play their songs but couldn’t because their music was so different, chord progressions so unpredictable, and vocal ranges so vast. So instead he played the drums from the age of 7 at his church and continued through the eighth grade as a drummer for the school jazz band. After destroying his drums through early teen negligence, he started sitting down at the piano again and soon he was playing the Hammond organ at church instead of the drums. He was now able to decipher those complex chords and chord progressions that once escaped him as a child. His musical taste started leaning more toward jazz artists such as Bob James, Ramsey Lewis, David Sanborn, and Norman Brown. Now in his 40’s, he decided to put all of that hard work from the basement on display through his God given gift on the keys.

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