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Music has always been a dominant force in his life. He comes from a musical family whose roots in music come straight out of the church. His Father, a Pastor, was very well known not only for his dynamic preaching… but also for being a skilled musician on the keys …and for having an exceptional anointed singing voice. Although his father passed away when he was only four, his mother kept his memory alive by often playing old recordings of his father preaching and singing. These cherished memories became his primary source of musical inspiration. Initially a drummer, he soon developed a love for the sound of the saxophone and began playing at the age of 10…. As he grew into this gift, he eventually realized that he, like his father, was a gifted singer as well. Musical inspirations include Brian McKnight, Donnie Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, and without a doubt his father, the late great William E. Binford.

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